Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~ Review: Cava Mezze in Rockville ~

A few years ago, my friend introduced me to this little Greek restaurant in Rockville called Cava. Back then, we used to go there a lot because my friends think the waiters were really cute. I was there for the awesome (free) pita bread and spicy red dip that came with it. I would be happy just eating that. We always tell them to bring more bread and red dip. I guess people do that a lot. I noticed that they started charging for the red dip if you ask for more. This is a bad picture...sorry, I was busy eating. But, you kinda see the sauce.

This place serves very small portions. It's like tapas. When I go with a lot of people, we usually get a couple platters. One meat and one seafood and we are all set. Each platter is about $50. I also love to see the waiters light up the flaming cheese. It's a little too oily and salty for me though, so we usually don't order it. What I usually order is...the stuffed shrimp!

It's like crab cakes on top of shrimp. It's very good. But, it takes a long time to cook so it's usually the last thing served. I think they prices went up. Almost $20 for that! But I guess it's one complete meal with all that bread :)

The calamari is also very good. Love that sauce. I love most of their sauces. And here, you see the "red dip" for the bread more clearly.

My friend ordered the Grilled Whole Fish. I didn't know non-Asian restaurants serve fish like this. Look how surprised he was and how big the fish was!

Don't kill me for putting this picture up. It's just so great!!!

That fish is "Market Price". The market price last weekend was $35. Overall, this place is a little pricey. Check out their menu online. The food is decent. But, it can get very, very crowded. They don't take reservations and they tend to draw in a later crowd then other restaurants. The bar usually is full too. The atmosphere is very bar-ish, very dark and lively. It's a surprisingly trendy little place in the middle of nowhere.

In the summer, they have outdoor seating. The one time we did that, we got chewed up by bugs. We had bug bites that didn't go away for months. And there's no scenery. You'll just be eating as cars pass by you. So, try to sit inside. I'll take more pictures next time I go, hopefully soon!

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pxyjk said...

The fish does look good, but what do you expect when you hear about whole grilled fish?

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