Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~ Review: Yogi Castle in Gaithersburg ~

Frozen yogurt seems to be the new food trend. Ok, not new, but it seems like frozen yogurt places are popping up everywhere. Last weekend, after a wonderful dinner, a few of my friends and I decided to go try out Yogi Castle in Gaithersburg.

It's a small place with a long bench and a couple of tables. There's a lot of bright green cheerfulness in there. Big words explaining about how the yogurt has live something or another in it to make it healthy. I don't see that info on their website though. Anyway, I think the place is cute.

A special thank you to the lovely model who is demonstrating how to get the ice cream. That's right. It's self serve. They have 8 flavors like vanilla, original tart, blueberry, cheesecake, chocolate and I forgot what else. If you are a true frozen yogurt fan, you may be disappointed that only the original tart is .... well.... tart. The other ones just taste like ice cream.

Then, you have to add toppings. This one has strawberries, almond, oreos, fruity pebbles, and mochi. There are other craziness like mango and gummy bears. Then, you put it on the scale and pay. $0.39/oz. It's not bad at all.

But, it does take skills and restraint to make a good frozen yogurt. Envision it before you start the process. Don't be greedy either. Only get what you can eat. Otherwise, you may end up with gummy bears swimming around in poopy yogurt that you can't finish. :)

I think it's a cute place to chill. Since it's self-serve you can get as little as you want, which is good for me. I hate feeling guilty for not finishing my food and I usually can't finish 1 order on my own. It's very close to Kentlands. Just go down Quince Orchard, away from 355 and make a right on Darnestown. Here's the address: 12209 Darnestown Rd. Enjoy :)


pxyjk said...

I didn't know your friend was a model.

CAPow said...

I'm jealous! I wish we had froyo places where I live, cause I can't eat ice cream :(

Eugenia said...

MMM im getting soo hungry now! i wish i had one of those here!

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