Tuesday, December 1, 2009

~ Endless.com Black Friday Haul ~

Ok, so I ended up buying 4 pairs of boots plus 2 pairs of shoes for my fiance from Endless.com this weekend. They finally came today!

My fiance loves his shoes and are keeping both. Here's the pumas:

Here are the Timberlands. Personally, I don't like these. The upper part is like patented leather. It doesn't match the rest of the shoe. But, he says he likes them. I said, "I think they are ... ugly." He said, "Yours are ugly too." Fair enough.

I must admit that I am slightly disappointed with my boots. These booties are definitely cute, but the pink on the inside is much more orange than in the pictures from the website. Also, because of the dark color, you can't really see the bow clearly. I think this would be cuter in the lighter color. They feel comfy, but they are too big! They feel like a size too big! Hmm...sad. They are going back.

Now, the long slouchy gray boots. The color is so different than the pictures on the site!! They are definitely darker and a warmer shade of gray. And they are long! Now my legs are not the envy of all women kind of long, but they are not short. I am 5' 7". They go up to my mid thighs! I guess I could make them more slouchy, but then they get really puffy. And for some reason, these are big too! I was wearing regular socks. But, the inside feels really soft. Oh well, returning these too.

Now the Report Meloni boots are just fine. They also feel too big. Am I wearing the wrong socks or what? I got black and tan. I wish I got the gray ones now. I like the color more, but they didn't have it in my size. But, since they seem to run big, I could've gotten the smaller size! Dang it!

Ok, the black ones...

I didn't bother trying on the tan ones. Should I keep both? After discount, they are about $35 each pair. They are super soft and comfy! I love the furriness!

The fur on the inside doesn't go all the way down, just enough so that it can be flipped out.

One thing that makes me hesitate to keep these shoes are the bottom of them. Certainly looks pretty, but they feel a little slippery on my unwaxed wooden floors. Hmm....I guess wearing them in the snow is out of the question.

So all in all, all the boots were too big! And see how Momo kept wanting to be in the pictures? I think he is addicted to the camera hehe. So, should I keep the Report Meloni boots? Which color should I keep, or should I just keep both since they are cheap?

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pxyjk said...

Yeah..unfortunately the pics on the site make the product look better than the real photos you took.

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