Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~ Holiday Shopping Spree ~

I must admit...I shopped a lot this holiday season. There are just so many awesome deals going on. It's very hard to resist! A few days before Christmas, my fiance and I took a little trip to Hagerstown Outlet. We were in a rush, so this is all we could grab. We had a blast at Guess outlet. We both love Guess and they had 50% off sweaters and coats plus I had another 25% off coupon. Then Kate Spade had 40% off every thing and Nike had....well just lots of stuff. Look at our spoils! :) About half of that was Christmas presents though.

Then, when my cute little cousin visited, I took her to Arundel Mills the day after Christmas. Oh my god, the parking lot was so full! People parked their SUVs and Jeeps on the grass and piles of snow. This is halfway through the mall and look at all those bags of stuff we got already.

She's so lucky though. She got to go to Woodbury in New York today. She got tons of stuff! Look at this crazy line for Uggs.

I think she took this picture to taunt me.

I also went to Montgomery Mall yesterday because my friend said Guess had a good sale. It was late after all the errands I ran because there were so many people everywhere! We only had 1.5 hours and I had a lot to do. My main targets were Guess, Bath and Body Works, and Sephora. I found this awesome faux fur hoodie at Guess that I absolutely need. It is so warm and soft and cozy!!!

They only had white at the store and it was half off. I usually wouldn't pay this much for a hoodie but I couldn't resist. I was caught up in the buying frenzy. They have this on the website, but only in black and not on sale. $118 is definitely too much for this, but $50 is not bad at all :)

Then, I rushed to Bath and Body Works because I wanted to get more of those sheep slippers that I got before. They didn't have anymore though. I had a $10 off $40 coupon to use on top of their semi annual sale. Look at all those lotions and stuff! That's all for my aunts and cousins in Hong Kong.

Then, I had to go claim my free Sephora lip glosses. I didn't know they were gonna yell out "Happy Birthday" to me. I was a bit scared. But, these are cute. I love little beauty products.

The mall was closing and I had to find my friend who was still at Guess. I passed by Benetton that had 50% off everything and Express that had 60% off stuff and Victoria's Secret with their Semi Annual sale signs. If the lotions I got from Bath and Body Works weren't so heavy, I would've ducked into the stores to get some stuff.

I have to keep telling myself that I am going to Hong Kong in Feb. I need to save up my money for that. But, with all these deals it's so hard to resist. Oh well, I should stop shopping right now. No more...except for the beads I am about to order. I need them :)


elsiee said...

Shopping sprees are THE BEST - the holidays are just a lovely excuse!! Happy New Year! namaste, elsie

Angela said...

Montgomery mall... in pennsylvania?
sigh i wish i could go on a shopping spree =/
nice hoodie =]

Joyce said...

Happy New Year Elsie!

Angela....there's a Montgomery Mall in PA? I went to the one in MD :)

Angela said...

lol i was about to say, i could've met u =]

The Beading Gem said...

The crowd picture shows why I avoid the malls during the post-Christmas sales!

Chelsuba said...

WOW at the ugg queue! Thats insane! lol

pxyjk said...

you may want to try to save money in the bank vs. on stuff. ;)

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