Saturday, December 26, 2009

~ Review: Joy Yee Plus in Chicago Chinatown ~

I wanted to blog about Joy Yee Plus after my trip to Chicago in Oct, but I lost some of the pictures. So, I got a chance to go there again last week. Overall, the food range from great to ok. But, I love how they decorated with glossy, iridescent orange tiles, plasma TVs and modern overall look. To top it all off, there are koi fish in the floor! You can step over them!!

This place has the life size plastic food at the window and a picture menu, just like the regular Joy Yees I blogged about before.

That's all very nice. There's one difference...they have a piece of paper where you check off what you want instead of the waitress taking your order.

I went a little bit over board. Everything looked so good! We wanted to try to giant bowl of noodles, but it serves 4-6 people. The group in the table next to us got it though. And it's seriously huge! We only had 3 people, so we had to get something else. Here's what we got:

The Tokyo Buffalo wings. These are not that spicy. I like them. They are a little bit sweet. My friend wasn't impressed though.

This is something like the "Crazy 8s" roll. It has octopus, black fish roe and tomato. Looks great. Tasted wonderful.

This is the spicy scallop roll. It was good too. But, I still prefer Niwano Hana's spicy scallop roll.

The scallop skewers. Wonderful! I love scallops.

I think this is the Kim Chi noodles. Very good!! Even my Korean friend said it's good.

Joy Yee Plus also has frozen yogurt with fresh fruits. I like pineapple.

Strawberry was good too.

Of course, they also have bubble tea. They also have shaved ice and other desserts and they are opened late. It's a cool place to just chill and hang out. Price is average I think. Parking can be a pain if you go during the day on the weekends, but nights seem to be just fine. Let me know what you try if you go there. Everything look so delicious in their window display that I just want to try everything! But, my stomach just can't handle it :)


The Beading Gem said...

Your stomach can't handle it? I swear you must have hollow legs to put away the food you eat! LOL!

Kym said...

omgosh.. that spicy scallop roll loooks to die for.. and bubbletea... i've been craving some for a while!! *Droools* i love ordering with the paper, its so much easier! belated merry christmas! :)

pxyjk said...

The desserts look nice.

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