Thursday, December 24, 2009

~ Long Weekend in Chicago ~

It's been a while since I blogged. Holiday season is always busy! Well, I am still recovering from my Chicago trip. Finally unpacked after 2 days. I was in Chicago for a long weekend and I met up with so many elementary, high school and college friends. It was awesome! Thanks to everyone who came out and ate with me, shared your stories and wisdom, picked me up and drove me around, drove back from Canada early to have breakfast with me and just made me happy in general! There was only 1 thing fiance couldn't go with me.

Anyway, just a little bit about the trip....I didn't sleep the night before I went to Chicago, so I needed a little tea. Good thing we decided to stop by our favorite bonding spot: Dunkin Donuts.

We eventually got into a few disagreements. But, it was ok. We worked it out.

Ok, just kidding. I thought it would be funny to take some candid pictures :) Anyway, I ate a lot. It was great catching up with old friends and my family over good food.

Looks good right? I'll be going into details about these meals later. So, come back and check it out! Lastly, the coolest Christmas tree in Chicago! It is so big that it goes through the house!


pxyjk said...

What's in the middle of the burger patty?

Joyce said...

i'll tell u when i blog about that place :)

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