Saturday, December 5, 2009

~ Eat Your Hearts Out Dog Collar ~

I was suddenly inspired to make a bling bling dog collar today. Momo doesn't wear a collar. His fur is too long. Whenever he wears a collar or a harness, he gets mats in his fur. But, I see little short hair dogs with collars and they are so cute! So, eat your hearts out!

Is it too much? Too tacky? Too pink? Not cool at all? I am a little nervous about this design. I think I like it. This is completely new to me. So I am just not sure about it. This is what I started with.

Then, I added Swarovski pink 4mm bicones and heart pendants.

This is a small collar, perfect for Chihuahuas I think.

I would love to hear some opinions! Do you like dangly, sparkly collars for your little fur princesses? Would you pay $30 for a collar like this? Actually, can/will cats wear this?

1 comment:

pxyjk said...

I think you'd torture a pet if you made them wear this stuff.

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