Thursday, December 3, 2009

~ Free Gift Boxes for the Holidays ~

For the holidays, I am offering free gift wrapping for all jewelry orders! I got these cute little gift boxes that I am dying to use.

I recently made an order of Starry Night bracelet, custom dangly earrings and Athena's Star Necklace and put it all in a matching purple box. I love it :)

I love how these boxes have sponge inside and have space for necklace and earrings and bracelet.

I have a lot more colors! I think I have one to match every piece of jewelry in my shop.

I may use these round ones too. These are available in my supplies shop if you need some. I can also list those rectangular ones for you too, if you like.

One of my very organized and self-motivated friends announced that she's already done with Christmas shopping. I haven't even made a list yet! Did you make a list?

1 comment:

pxyjk said...

That's a nice selection of gift boxes.

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