Monday, December 14, 2009

~ Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ~

With everything going on nowadays, my hours devoted to anime has dropped significantly. I haven't watched Bleach since Ichigo and gang went to save Orihime. But, every chance I get, usually when I am brushing Momo, I watch an episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Hulu.

I saw the original series about 4 years ago and the movie. It was the beginning. Then, it got all crazy and deep and I had to read Wikipedia to fully understand what was going on. But, Brotherhood is so much better. Everything makes a lot more sense. I think the drawing is better too. Of course, if you have seen the first Full Metal Alchemist, you may want to skip the first 15 episodes of Brotherhood, since it's just about the same. I watched it to refresh my memory though.

The one thing that is missing from this anime? A tall, handsome hero! Edward is handsome, but too short. He does have yellow eyes that I like though. And it is funny that they kept making fun of his height. I noticed though, that in the original anime, that seemed force. But, in Brotherhood, it's much more natural and funnier.

Roy Mustang is tall enough. But he's such a goof ball sometimes. Though, that's part of the reason I like this anime. It's serious sometimes, but very light hearted too. I love it when he realizes that he can't use his powers, like when it's raining. His reactions are always funny.

There are some tear jerker moments in Brotherhood. For some reason, I don't remember having those moments in the first FMA. I thought the Elric brothers were just whiny. But, they seem more mature in Brotherhood.

Overall, I am enjoying Brotherhood a lot. I noticed that Hulu has a few more anime series too. So, I will be watching those when I am done with this one. I hope it ends well! A lot of animes have sad endings and it always make me sad.


Angela said...

I like brotherhood more also. The first anime's ending wasn't complete to me and the movie didn't help either. they were both good though. loved it =]
brotherhood does make them seem more mature and whinry is finaly in love with ed. i was waiting for it in the first series and it never came. kinda disappointed me. xD ep 36 is out!

Joyce said...

you are right!! the first one had 0 romance.... but i was very sad at the end of the movie 'cause they left her there by herself...i hope it doesn't happen in brotherhood. i hope edward grows tall and marry her :D

pxyjk said...

I was never a FM fan.

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