Sunday, December 13, 2009

~ Fairy Tales on My Mind ~

I am a big fairy tale fan. I love the magic and the romance. So, as I make jewelry, sometimes I make up my very own fairy tales. Here's a short one...

Once upon a time, a girl was lost in the woods. As tears silently flowed down her cheeks, she wandered amongst endless identical trees. In her despair, she didn't even see the old well till her hand brushed up against it. Perhaps, it just suddenly appeared. As her tears hit the weathered stones of the well, she heard a strange, but familiar gurgling sound. It sounded like the river by her house. She looks down as the well overflowed with clear blue water that sparkles like stars are within its depth. When she looked up.....

She was home.

Not the greatest writing, I know. I always struggled in my English class. So, this is one of my newest creations, the Wishing Well Necklace. I spent a lot of time on this one, to figure out how to put crystals within the well and for the chains to flow out. I thought about making these as earrings but I think two is too much. I may make a pair of asymmetrical earrings, with the well on one side and something else on the other.

I also made a few pairs of earrings. These are all unnamed and unlisted at the moment. Let me know if you can think of any good names for them. These following earrings all use Swarovski 5020 Helix beads. I love these because they have a very unique shape and facets.

First, a pair of the evil witch. This is the first time I used oxidized sterling silver components.

Of course, the innocent princess gets a version of these earrings too.

Or maybe the princess likes bows more?

These are for the grown up princesses, when they have to attend a ball to meet Prince Charming. These are fun! I dangled a small helix crystal from the clutch of the earring to give them some depth. But that also means that you can wear these in a few different ways. You can wear the long part without the back crystal by using a regular clutch. Or wear them together. Or use the clutch with your other earrings to add extra sparkle.

I have been watching Full Metal Alchemist too. So, I came up with these simple dangly heart earrings. This one is called Envy because it's green and I just watched the episode where Envy was fighting with Edward in his green monster form. I will be making more of these for Wrath (blue), Lust (red), Gluttony, Pride and the ones I forgot.

See, a clean studio makes me so much more productive! :) Did you notice that I haven't taken pictures by the window sill? Winter sunlight is totally not working for me. I have found a new location. Not completely happy with the pictures at the moment though. I will share once I feel more comfortable in this new photo studio. Now, time to switch gears and do some programming.


Angela said...

FMA! great remake so far =]

Joyce said...

for sure! i was so confused near the end of the last FMA...this one makes so much more sense!

sharlene said...

Hi joyce you've been tagged on my blog!!


pxyjk said...

have you seen Prince of Tennis on

Joyce said...

not's on my list :)

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