Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~ Bamian: Afghan Cuisine in Falls Church ~

Don't worry. Everything is ok. I am still eating a lot, just haven't had time to blog about it :) Last week, after we packed up boxes for Operation Christmas Child, a few of us head over to Virgina for some Afghan food at Bamian.

I had never heard of this place before and I had no idea what kind of place it is. But, as we walked it, it looked very nice. It even has a huge chandelier. Who doesn't want to dine in the lights of crystals?

They also have these semi private rooms with tables inside and a little light. Those are cute! It looks very intimate.

We got to sit in this big long table in the middle of the restaurant. I felt special :)

It was a late dinner and we were all starving. I don't know if that's why we ate so much bread! Just bread and more bread! It was really good bread though.

Well, the eggplant dip helps too.

And this sauce. I forgot what it was though.

I had the chicken kabobs and it was amazing! The chicken was so tender and juicy and flavorful. I am hungry now, just thinking about it. The rice was very good too.

It came with this beef stew. It went very well with the rice and the bread.

I think the price was decent. The place was pretty. The service was acceptable, though not the greatest. Food was good. Will I drive there again just to eat? Probably not. But, then, I hate driving :)

I feel so hungry now!! But, I am in bed, ready to sleep so I must not go grab anything in the kitchen. Lesson learned. Don't blog about food before going to bed!


Kym said...

wow, afghan food? never had it before but i'd love to try it sometime... eggplant dip sounds good!

Tea said...

hehe don't blog about food before bed. Good tip! I alawys end up getting hungry! This looks like it was a good dinner.

pxyjk said...

Wow, the bread and the kabobs look nice. Your treat when I'm in MD? :)

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