Sunday, December 27, 2009

~ Fiberwig Mascara + Panasonic Eyelash Curler ~

Over the summer, a friend pointed me to Eki's blog post about Panasonic eyelash curler and Fiberwig Mascara. The results look amazing and I was very tempted to buy it. But, things got busy and I forgot about it. I did remember it when my friend was ordering from so I asked her to order the mascara for me. It was $14, which is cheaper than Sephora.

I love this mascara! I tear a lot, most of the time when I wear mascara, I end up with dark circles under my eyes at the end of the night. And then, I have to use makeup remover to wash it off. But, I was so surprised that this mascara did not smear at all! After 1 full day of shopping, rain/fog, dinner, and Dave and Busters, my eyes looked great, if I may say so myself. Sorry, no pictures because I don't like closeup pictures of myself. Also, no need for makeup remover. After I washed my face with my regular face wash, my eyes were clean!

I also got the Panasonic Eyelash Curler that Eki got. She got it from, but I got it from Amazon. When I looked, it was cheaper on Amazon. Just $12 + free shipping if you purchase $25 worth or products. I bought 4. My friends wanted some too.

I love this thing too! Though, I notice that it works a lot better with mascara. I love showing this to my friends because they are all like "what is that?" It's the coolest eye lash curler!! It does take a few tries to get used to it. Check out Eki's blog to learn how to use it and also great before/after pictures.

So, I am pretty set with my eye makeup now. I am just sad that I also got a Sheseido mascara that I don't know what to do with. How can I use anything else now that I found the perfect one? Anyway, random cute picture here. My cousin and I went shopping today and found these cute, comfy slippers at Bath and Body Works. They were on sale, 75% off so we each got a pair. They are so soft and cute! Their semi annual sale is going on online right now. The store sale starts on Monday I think. Go check it out!


Lisa Kate said...

I really want to check out that eyelash curler now! My lashes are such a pain in the butt to curl x.x

Those slippers are way too cute! I wish they were shoes, haha, I would wear them everywhere!!

pxyjk said...

So are you still using your fancy curler?

Joyce said...

yes it's awesome!

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