Friday, December 4, 2009

~ Momo: My Sleepy Work Partner ~

I have been working weekends and nights lately, which means I sit at the dining room with my laptop, milk and oreos on the table and Momo at my side. Between 10pm - 2am, Momo and I chase each other around whenever my laptop is spinning away, building my projects. Then, as the night goes on, I focus more and more on the work (yes, I am a night owl) and Momo starts to nap. He'll start on the floor, and then end up on the chair next to me. Look at him. I don't know how he doesn't just roll over and fall off the chair.

Every once in a while, I pet him 'cause he's just so cute. Ok, maybe I am just a little jealous that he gets to sleep so comfortably while I slaved away in front of the computer to bring food to his bowl.

Whenever I pet him, he stretches and then goes to sleep again.

He even pulled the towel down himself and made a more comfy bed.

Sometimes, he'll look at me with half of his fur flatted against his head like "What you want yo!"

Then, back to sleep....

When he had an exciting day, he would yelp and jerk around when he sleeps. That hasn't happened while he sleeps on the chair yet. I would laugh if he was jerking around when he's sleeping and then fall off the chair. :) I am not mean! It's funny and he wouldn't even care. Probably shake it off and sleep right there.


Hell0 Z0mbie said...

So cute!! Again, I am super jealous of your adorable doggy!!

Joyce said...

It's snowing! I will be posting more pictures of momo in the snow :D Just pretend Momo is yours for now :)

Jennifer said...

He is too cute!! How sweet that he sleeps on the chair...he knows you need him, but he just can't stay up that late :D

pxyjk said...

Momo seems so well behaved in your photos. :)

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