Monday, December 28, 2009

~ Red Velvet Cupcakery in DC ~

My lovely cousin and her boyfriend came to visit over Christmas. Last night, they went out on their own to DC and came back with this big box!

Inside was these gorgeous cupcakes!! I labeled the cupcakes in the picture as well as I could.

So, they went to this place called Red Velvet Cupcakery. I told them about Georgetown Cupcakes, but they got lost and didn't know how to get to Georgetown. But these look just like the Georgetown cupcakes. I must say though, I like the pink, cutsy look of Georgetown cupcakes more.

Though this cupcake tree is very cool. I wish they have one in my office.

Anyways, so of course, I have to take some pictures!!

But, I am not the only crazy one. The boyfriend also has a DSLR, a nice Canon XS, I think. It's always nice to have someone else be crazy with you and take pictures of random things.

Check out this menu. It's also available of their website for download. $3.25 for a cupcake??? That's more expensive than Georgetown!

I ate the southern belle right away. It's red velvet with whipped cream cheese topping. It was good. The cream cheese was excellent!

Unfortunately, Momo figured out how to open the box and ate the champagne one, the vanilla one and licked off all the cream cheese off the other southern bell cupcake! I was so mad!!!!!! He really opened the box instead of ripping it apart! *sigh* He is fine though. No diarrhea and no puking. So, I only had 2 cupcakes left. I just ate the Morning Call one a little while ago. Yes, it's bad to be eating that at 11:30pm. But, it was calling my name. It was good too! I loved the coffee buttercream, but the last bite felt too rich for me. I like the cream cheese one more.

I think $3 for a cupcake is crazy. But, it's a great treat every once in a while. Thanks to my cousin and the boyfriend! I had a lot of fun while they were here. They are super cute! Momo had a lot of fun with them too. He misses them a lot. He keeps going into their room to look for them. I wonder if he realizes that they are gone?

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pxyjk said...

They don't look as good as the ones you can find in LA.

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