Friday, January 1, 2010

~ New Years Celebration ~

Happy New Year! Did you have fun on New Year's Eve? I didn't really party this year. It's been very busy lately and still busy now, so I just wanted to chill with my fiance and count down with him. Well, before the count down, of course we had to end the year with good food. And that means hot pot!

The future in-laws came over. My fiance's nephew had a lot of fun! I found some stickers and he started putting them on his daddy's pants.

But of course, his daddy decided that my pants will look better with stickers.

This is what happens when the food isn't ready. Thankfully, we started eating and he got distracted with the food.

As the night went on...the stickers magically moved to his face..... :)

After dinner, my fiance and I went out to count down with our friends at a local sushi restaurant. Before I left, I gave Momo a New Year kiss.

Then, the real New Year's kiss....ok this was taken 5 minutes before the count down. But close enough.

Hot pot was awesome. We had so much food that we did it again tonight. We still have a lot left. I think it's gonna be instant noodles with hot pot ingredients for lunch and then stir fry hot pot ingredients for dinner tomorrow. I actually slept really early (1:30am). Sleeping earlier is my unofficial new year's resolution. It doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight though. Javascript doesn't program itself. Good luck with all your resolutions! Have a great 2010~!


Angela said...

lol how interesting... we have a lot in common.. i had hotpot and my resolution was also to sleep early xD

Joyce said...

u r failing at ur resolution like i am right? :) i feel better now hehe

Angela said...

lol deffinately ~.~

pxyjk said...

That's a lot of makeup you're wearing. :P

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