Thursday, January 28, 2010

~ Wedding Cupcake Tower ~

I was looking for the wedding cake today. I needed motivation so I decided to check out Flickr. Wow! There are some awesome cakes out there!!! Check these out!!! You can click on the picture to go to the actual picture on Flickr. These are just some of my favorites. To see more, check out my gallery on Flickr.

Very simple. Love the calla lilies.

This one is just so gorgeous. Love how it flows and yes, the calla lilies too.

Frangipani!!! So pretty!!!

I think this is my favorite. So elegant! I love the texture in the white layers.

Love the colors on this one.

I think cakes like these runs about $5-$15 per person. Ouch. That's a little bit out of my budget. Besides, I feel like most people don't even eat the wedding cake. I see it go to waste all the time. So, what's a good solution? Cupcake towers! I know these are not new or very trendy. I read on a website that they are so "2008". Whatever! I like them! Check out these yellow ones I found on Flickr too.

I love the colors on these! Very nice display.

Look! More frangipani!!!

Love the display on this one too. I like how the cupcakes lie on the side and the flowers are so cute!

I think the cupcakes are also the wedding favors. Cool! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Blue and yellow :)

This one is just adorable. The little wedding dress is so cute!

So, I am 95% sure that I will go with a cupcake tower. It's so much more convenient. If people are too full to eat the cake, they can easily take one home. Also, I already know that the servers at the banquet hall are going to butcher a regular cake. I have seen it. Usually, after the cake is cut, it ... doesn't look so nice.

Now, just need to find a place that will do it for the right price. I hope they will set it up too. 1st cake tasting on Saturday! This is the funnest part of wedding planning right?


Joy said...

Visit - they have GREAT stands. :)

hjmart said...

These cakes look so Delicious!

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