Friday, January 22, 2010

~ Mini Stuffed Cupcakes, Baked by Melissa ~

My friend and I were shopping in Soho, just checking out Free People and other shops on Spring Street. Then, we saw this line from this little window and of course we had to be nosy. It's just a small window that says "Baked by Melissa". What you see in this picture is exactly how wide the window is.

We took a look and it says... "Stuffed cupcakes". We got in line right away.

Look at these cute pictures! It was so hard to decide what to get and then the guy in front of us says he's getting six for himself because they are small. We took at look at the real thing and they are really small. So, we picked out 6 flavors too.

The girl there was pretty cute by the way. There's only enough room for her to turn around to grab the cupcakes and put them into a box. Who would've thought that is enough space to sell cupcakes? Anyway, here's our box.

Look how tiny they are!

We got mint chocolate, tie dye (eh), cookie dough, peanut butter cup(yum!), red velvet(yum!) and smores. We didn't get cinnamon, cookies and cream and peanut butter and jelly.

I didn't try all of them because I was just so full. But, overall it was good. It seemed cheap when we paid. I think it's 3 for $3 something and 6 for $5.95 and 100 for $70. So, about $1 for a mini cupcake. It seems expensive now that I think about it. Georgetown cupcake is $3 but it's a lot bigger. Though, it is NYC where everything is more expensive. My friend says she likes these more than Georgetown cupcakes though, so it's probably worth the price.

Oh, and you can place orders online. Minimum is 100 and they deliver. Let me know if you try the other flavors and tell me what you think of them!

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Christy said...

Those do look yummy.

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