Saturday, January 9, 2010

~ Keep Warm with Victoria's Secret's Boucle Sweaters ~

I am a big fan of Victoria's Secret's Boucle sweaters. Granted, some of the styles are a little bit weird, but I love the material! It's soft and stretchy and so very warm! I walked through Chicago downtown in frigid weather wearing a boucle turtleneck and a thin leather jacket. I felt perfectly fine. Right now, this pink and another blue color is on clearance for $14.99. Great deal!!!

Here are a couple more $14.99 styles. These ruffles may be a little much though. I feel like the material is too soft and fluffy for that button on this sweater. It may come off easily.

This one you can wear is as off shoulder or as a cowl neck. I got pink and blue. Who can resist $14.99?? I have gotten a few of these sweaters at full price before, but I usually wait for sales. I think I have about 12 of these sweaters and probably gave away more than 12 as gifts.

This one is a cardigan. I am thinking about it. $15 is not a lot....right??

This one is $19.99. I don't know why I got it. It's just different I guess. I love the puffy sleeves. But I hate wearing a coat of top of this because the sleeves get all bunched up and really annoy me.

I got two of these last year. I like them a lot! These are not on clearance this year though. $39 each.

I absolutely love this one!!! Too bad they are out of white for my size :( I have to get black. My mom is getting this in pink. This on is on clearance for $29.99!! That's not clearance price, but I like it too much to wait for the price to drop more.

I am very tempted to get at least one of the peplum styles. These are $19.99. I just feel like these are too trendy. It's so 2009. I won't be able to wear them again next year.

There are a few additional offers for VS right now like 25% off any non-clearance item, free shipping over $100 and free panties. For details, go to The ones on sales are cheaper than the so called "Boucle" sweaters at Target. And, I assure you that the ones from VS is a lot softer than the ones from Target.

These sweaters are 56% Acrylic, 27% nylon, 16% wool and 1% lycra spandex. I am guessing the lycra is what makes it so stretchy! Machine wash is ok. The tag says lay flat to dry, but I have thrown them in the dryer with no issue. I think one sweater's sleeves got really stretched out. But, that's ok. I love really long sleeves. Also, I am slightly allergic to wool, but I am perfectly fine with these sweaters. My oldest one is from 2004 and I still wear it sometimes.

Ok, one con about these sweaters. They take up a lot of room because they are so fluffy!

On a side not, VS also has some fun looking beauty products on sale right now. These are all half off! The sets are $16 and the lipgloss tube is $7 now. I am tempted to buy, but I haven't even opened one of my Sephora purchases yet. I must resist makeup!

If you don't know, these low prices are all part of the VS Semi Annual Sale. There are a lot more things like coats, leggings, and of course, undergarments. Have fun shopping!!


Piggy said...

I LOVE VS! :( I can't get them here in Singapore but luckily they ship internationally :) Great picks! Sweaters look so comfy.

God Bless

Joyce said...

Singapore doesn't get cold right? You won't need these sweaters...but maybe the makeup :)

pxyjk said...

hot, and well the sweaters aren't bad either.

reddachshundmom said...

Hi-I love these sweaters too and usually get at least 1 or 2 when they go on clearance each year. I wanted to ask if you had ordered any this year. I had some discounts and saw they were on sale. I got the cross-front design that they call a shawl look. I was disappointed that it didn't have the "nubby" appearance or the feel that I am used to with these sweaters. I just wondered if that was a new thing or if they are making them differently since they are calling them Angle Boucle Sweaters. I don't know if I'll be keeping this one or not-I was expecting the thicker, nubbed or looped appearance of the yarn.

reddachshundmom said...

Hi-I usually get several of these sweaters too. I had a question for you. Have you ordered one this year? I had some discounts and noticed they were on sale so I bought the cross-front sweater (they call it a shawl design). I was disappointed that it didn't have the nubby or loop-like appearance of the yarn-it was more smooth and thin. Is this something different or new since they started calling them Angel Boucle sweaters? Or did I happen to get one that wasn't made correctly? I've wondered about that before because I have bought things that are way too big and wondered if they mis-sized it.

Joyce said...

yeah, the new ones doesn't look like it has the same texture. I haven't ordered one yet since I overstocked last year :)

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