Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~ Momo vs Mini UFO ~

Every once in a while, UFOs will appear in my house. Momo, being such a loyal protector of myhousehold, will chase after it and try to destroy it. Ok, it's really little remote controlled UFOs that my dad got from China. He loves these little toys.

It's tiny! It's just made out of styrafoam and a little plastic chopper. And whatever else that makes it fly of course. These things are so fun. They look like physics projects. He has a bunch of these things and when they break, he'll know what parts to switch out to fix it. I didn't realize that my dad is this geeky. I guess that's where I got in from.

Momo loves these things! He is a little bit afraid of it, but wants to catch it and kill it. One of the helicopters was destroyed by him after he caught it. It was in his mouth for 1 second! So, my dad is extra careful not to let Momo actually get to it. Here's a video. Enjoy!

By the way, these pics and videos are taken with my Nokia N86. Not bad for a phone right?


Steph said...

ok, this is the coolest UFO ever! where was this for my gr 8 science project?

Momo is adorable, just so excited to get his paws on that little thing, lol

Great pics with the phone, who would've thought?

pxyjk said...

Keep trying momo!

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