Thursday, January 14, 2010

~ Are You Waiting for Final Fantasy XIII? ~

Final Fantasy XIII is going to arrive on March 9th, 2010!!! Here's the trailer. The song is pretty good! I like it a lot.

I am not sure how I feel about the characters at the moment. I like to have a hero when I play RPGs. Someone .... hot :) But the male characters don't look like someone I can fall in love with. Maybe Snow. What's up with these names? Snow?? I don't like his hat/bandana thing.

In this trailer though, you can see Snow topless. Looks like he is hurt, with bandages across his body. I think he looks better there, like a bad ass (excuse the language there, but I just have to say it).

Hope??? He looks like the typical weak kid. But, he's very good looking. I am sure a lot of girls are going to like him.

Lightning is another weird name. I like her silvery, red hair though. Looks like a tough girl.

Vanille looks cute! Well, very sexy right here. That outfit would make a fun cosplay costume.

But, is it me or does Vanille's clothes look like Yuna's outfit from FFX2? Her boots are pretty cute though!

Serah here has a nice outfit too! I love her skirt! School girl skirt with black lace? Hot stuff. That necklace looks like something I can make too. This may end up to be my next cosplay outfit. I don't like her hair though. I don't like the one sided pony tail. Looks so childish.

Oh yeah, what about game play and fighting system and all that? I am sure it'll be great. Story line? I hope it has more romance than FFXII. FFXII was too much political struggle and big general theme. I want a love story like FFX. That's just me being girly. To prepare for this game, I should really finish playing FFXII. I think I have like 10 hours left. Time to test out the PS2 with the new TV :)


Angela said...

ffxiii! =D can't wait for it.
got your package today ^.^

Joyce said...

yay i m not the only one :)

hope you like your package ;)

Asfand Mudassir said...

Please bring a cute one package

Asfand Mudassir said...

bring a good package

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