Monday, January 25, 2010

~ Pre-Vacation Clearance ~

My mom told me to stop posting about food because she is starting to detox again. Being a good daughter, I will pause the restaurant reviews for a few days. :)

Anyway, I am about to go on a nice, long vacation! I am very excited about the trip, but not so excited about closing my Etsy shops for about a month. So, before I go, I am going to clear out some of my jewelry inventory so I can get some money for more supplies!

I have marked the following items from 30-50% off!

I am basically just recovering the material cost and Etsy fees. I will probably go through another round of markdowns in a few days. Get these before they are gone!!! And just for my blog followers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, I will send you a free gift with every order! When you check out, just let me know your name/username so I can verify. Your free gift may be any one of these items or a surprise.

Have fun shopping!!


Angela said...

i wish i could order =[

Joyce said...

Order away angela! :) just click "add to cart" and then "check out" so easy!

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