Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~ Initial Branding Thoughts + Penguins ~

I finally had time to take these babies out and take some pictures! Here are the little girl penguins, with pink flowers on their heads and a matching light pink scarf.

Now the gentlemen.....

I have been thinking a lot about branding lately. I want my pictures to be really nice and unique so you just look at the pictures and you know it's me. But, that's really hard. I see a lot of Etsy shops do really well with their branding. I see their stuff on the front page and I know it's theirs before I see the shop name. So, starting with the basics....I decided to use cotton as clouds and a blue background. Get it? Happy Cloud?

Yes or no? I am thinking maybe it's too obvious? Maybe too tacky? I also need to get something to soften my lights. You can totally see them reflected in the penguins!

I may just do pure white background and no props. Now that I have Ottlights, it seem easier to get that pure white background. Dilemmas, dilemmas.


Licia said...

Know that spun glass angel hair stuff? i thik it would look perfect but I am not sure if it would be easy to work with. I think it would blend into the background nicely and be easy to fade with an editing program.

Totally cool idea ;)

Joyce said...

Thanks Licia! :) the angel hair stuff looks promising...i wonder if they have it at michael's...will look for it next time i go :)

Teresa said...

Angel hair used to be used in aquarium filters - the little filters for home (10 - 20 gallon) aquariums.

I like the cloud idea - a few tweaks and you will have it! I'll be watching.

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

I already can tell your pictures before I see your shop name! You have been building a brand all this time and didn't even realize it!

pxyjk said...

The penguins are funky, but I do like the clouds.

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