Saturday, January 30, 2010

~ The Navette Pendants Photo Shoot ~

You all know how I love the Swarovski Navette pendants. I finally got Aquamarine and Olivine to complete my collection!! Here's Olivine. It's such a pretty and warm green!

Aquamarine is a bright, clear blue.

I like putting them together like flowers :)

Don't they look so pretty together??

I wish they will come out with a light topaz one so it would be more yellow. But, I guess light topaz doesn't really match the marquis shape. It's too bright and fluffy. Does that make sense? Golden shadow is such a more sophisticated color which matches the Navette pendant very well.

Look how they sparkle!! Some people say they don't like the "glare" in the crystals from the lights. To me, those are not glares. That's how crystals sparkle! If they don't have that reflection, it'll just look like glass. And I like seeing the different shapes of the facets too.

I am surprised that these pendants don't sell as well in my Etsy shop as they sell in person. I have sold so many in person that I ran out of the bails had to restock. I have only sold a few through Etsy. Of course, my first thought is that my pictures don't do these beauties justice! So, I took a look at the listings and I must admit that they are a little bit weak.

So, I retook the pictures for all my Navette pendants. The new pictures are cleaner and the colors seem truer to the real crystals. The background is less busy, which can be a good or bad thing.

Check out the red magma one! The pendant look so much sharper against the white background. I think I am going to stick with white backgrounds from now on. I am just a simple girl who likes to have simple things :)

I also tried using a simple gift box as a prop. It's ok I think. Nothing spectacular though.

So, I have been using my new lightbox. I love it! It's all about the bulbs!!! I am going to clean it up a lil bit and show you my setup sometime this week. There's a lot of stuff going on right now, but hopefully, I will get to it!

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Angela said...

=] just wanted to tell you i won the giveaway from couturenerd's blog! =] so excited.
the green/olive color navette pendant is so different color wise to the other crystals u have =] stands out. the other pendants don't seem to have that color as often

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