Saturday, January 2, 2010

~ The Famous Fish Tacos at Carbon ~

My brother said, "We are taking you to eat fish tacos." I hate fish. I have only started to eat some fish in the last couple of years. He knows that. But, he insisted that it's good. I gave him the blank stare. His wife said, "It's an orgasm within an orgasm." Ok, that's all I needed to hear. I want to see what this O within an O is all about.

So, we drove around and parked under this bridge. Everything looked so gray and industrial and then there's this big red sign. "Carbon". It's pronounced "Car-bone", by the way.

According to their menu, they are all about "Authentic Mexicn Food"...."Burritos and Tacos with emphasis on protein versus filler"...."Live fire cooking"..."Signature Elote" and more. Inside is nice and cozy, except that I noticed two holes that look like bullet holes in the glass where my head was when I sat down. Oh well, that's not going to keep me away from good food :)

So, first up, the Elote. It tastes like spicy mayo with corn. I love mayo. I love a little spice. I love corn. I love it!!!

Then, it was the Fire Grilled Steak and Tequila-Lime Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast tacos.

There's medium and pineapple salsa if you want some too. They were ok. Nothing spectacular to me.

The steak taco was good! I could taste the live fire! Or whatever makes it taste very ... grilled. It was juicy and not too salty.

The chicken one was a little bland.

I had to put some hot salsa on it. That hot salsa had a pretty good kick. Good thing I had a big cup of authentic horchata. It definitely cooled the burn.

Ok, the famous fish taco. It's Tortilla Encrusted Tilapia with creamy tequila lime sauce and cabbage.

I can deal with fried fish usually. So, I was pretty excited.

It's a pretty big taco. I had to hold it with both hands. The fish was crispy and the sauce was tangy. With the cabbage and the flour tortilla, it didn't feel too oily at all. I like it a lot even though I usually don't like tilapia.

Next time I go, I am definitely getting more elote, steak and fish taco. Price is not bad at all. $2.5 for each taco. $2.75 with cheese. The elote is $1.75 for a small and $2.75 for a large. They also have burritos for about $6. Chicago's 10% tax sucks though.

I don't think they have a website, so here's the address:
300 W 26 Street, Chicago.


CAPow said...

those look incredible! I might have to go to chicago just to experience them! :)

pxyjk said...

You know the fish taco originated in San Diego, right? :) If you come I'll take you to a good place.

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