Friday, January 29, 2010

~ New York City Street Food ~

One thing about walking around in NYC is that you can eat and walk at the same time. With all the little shops and food stands everywhere, I can barely go an hour without food in my mouth. So, here are some pictures of street food that I consumed in one weekend in NYC. There are actually more, but I don't want to scare you with the way I eat :)

First, gourmet ice cream at Soho. I think this was close to Guess. I tried to take a picture of the flavors, but it was cold and my hands were shaking:

Note that it's a yellow ice cream truck. :)

We were so happy to be eating ice cream even though it was like 35 degrees outside. We had earl grey tea which was wonderful, very flavorful and not to sweet. The hazelnut was very good too. Everything was great and tasted just like the flavor was described.

This little meat skewers stand is on the corner of 38th and Main. There's one on 39th and Main too, but I was told that this one is better. I didn't eat there though because I was way too full. I am sad. I wanted a chicken skewer. I heard the lamb one is phenomenal but I don't like lamb.

Curry fish balls and rice rolls. The fish balls were great! I think it was 6on a skewer for $1. They have spicy and not spicy They were bouncy and flavorful and fun to eat. Just don't get any curry sauce on your clothes. I think this is also on Main, under this bridge.

This place was really crowded when we stopped by to get a bento box for my friend so she can eat on the bus. Lots of different snacks and sushi. Very cheap too!

We stopped by this little cafe/bakery place in Brooklyn Chinatown. Forgot what it's called though. Just snacking and hiding from the rain. This is a soup with a pastry puff baked on top. So very good!!!!

Look at this creamy hot soup with seafood on the inside. The puff on the outside is slightly sweetened with honey.

Yum! Ok, that's all the food from NYC. Next up: Korean BBQ :)


The Beading Gem said...

Too late. I'm scared already by the way you eat!

Joyce said...

lol awww but i still have more to post!

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