Friday, January 15, 2010

~ Frosted Acrylic Flower Beads ~

I love frosted acrylic flower beads!!! They are so dainty and romantic and full of possibilities. Whether it's lucite, resin, or plain acrylic, I like them all! You may ask, what's the difference between those 3? As far as I know, lucite is more durable and it's a brand like Swarovski. Check out my personal collection.

I have a thing for organizing by color. I don't even want to use any of these because I just love the way they look in the box.

On my last haul for my supplies shop, I couldn't resist getting some! My supplier only stated that these are acrylic so I am not going to say they are lucite. I have already listed some, but have plenty more. So, here's a preview. These little heart shaped leafs are so adorable!

I made this set just for Valentine's day.

Simple daisies....

Big pansies.....

Another big flower...

I think these are more like pendants.

My favorite little bell flowers. This set is for UIUC :)

This set is for Easter.

These look like tropical flowers to me. They are pretty big.

These butterflies are cute! I don't know what to do with them though.

So, I put together a box that has a little bit of everything for those who would like to start out their acrylic flowers collection. It will be up in my shop soon!

Just for inspiration, here's what I have made with acrylic flower beads...

And here are some more jewelry made with similar beads I found on Etsy. This is from tabbytoo.

This is from Dalim.

What will you come up with when you get these flowers?


pxyjk said...

Nice. you should make a lei with them.

The Beading Gem said...

I too love them all grouped together in the box. Such pretty colors!

Violet said...

Your supplies are gorgeous!! Total eye candy =)

My Dear Darling said...

I love the beads but I also really like your nail art!! :) Do you do them yourself?

Joyce said...

Thank you for the kind comments!

I do my own nails. The really complicated flowers are just stickers :) I blogged about that earlier in the ear

you can get some at cvs. They are fun!

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