Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~ Morton's Steakhouse ~

For DC restaurant week, my friends and I got a little bit dressed up and headed to Morton's Steakhouse. It was so convenient! We walked out of the Farragut North metro station and the door to the building with Morton's is literally 5 feet away. They also had a Victoria's Secret in the building with a big sign that says 75% off. Too bad it was closed. Anyway, we had a good time at Morton's!

The first thing I noticed when we sat down was this huge ball of bread on the table. I was slightly apprehensive, but it was so good!!! The outside tastes like an onion bagel. The inside was warm and soft and just exquisite with the butter that melted when I spread it on the bread.

For restaurant week, they had salad, choice of entree, sides and dessert. Of course, we all got Filet Mignon and different sides to share. I got the mac and cheese. It was great! Not as good as Timpano's but good enough.

I was surprised when our steaks came. They are so big! I remember the steaks at Ruth Chris for restaurant week was tiny. It was like 3 bites. But, these are a decent size!

I think they overcooked mine a lil bit? I asked for medium. Does it look medium to you? It was still very tender though. And juicy. I couldn't finish it and I took the rest of it home. My dad tried some and actually liked it. He usually hates restaurant food, so it must be good :)

For dessert, we had a choice of creme bulee or chocolate mousse something... I liked them both! The chocolate mousse tasted like dark chocolate and not that sweet at all. But, it is definitely a very rich chocolaty favor.

The creme bulee was decent. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about.

I like Morton's. I think Ruth Chris feels more high class. And their steak is not as flavorful as Ruth Chris'. I think the difference is in the sticks of butter used for cooking steaks at Ruth Chris. The bread at Morton's makes up for everything though. Dang it. Blogging about food at night again. I wish I can have some of this bread right now...

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Jasmin said...

Yum!!! Love the pics.

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