Monday, April 13, 2009

~ Baby Deals ~

My name is Joyce and I am a bargain shopper.  

I like to look through all these deal sites and today I found a few good deals for babies and kids.  I know a lot of you have little monsters at home (I say "monster" with the utmost adoration hehe), so here are some good deals for you wonderful mommies.

Free diaper samples:  Discover the pure bliss of a free sample offer featuring three Huggies®
Pure & Natural Diapers, along with a valuable coupon on your next purchase.  Size newborn to 2 only.  Takes 4 - 6 weeks to deliver.

150 kids song (mp3s) for $0.99:  Great selection for your kids.  Keep them entertained and out of your hair :)  Looks like a good deal everyday, 50% off.  Today it's a Sprout Shell–Chic Infant Carrier Covers.  Sprout Shell blocks the wind, rain, dust, sun and nosy strangers. It also has a hole in the top for a secure grip on the handle and a view of the baby inside. The elastic in the bottom secures the Sprout Shell to the carrier so it won't fall off or blow away. There are many ways to position the Sprout Shell to get the coverage you need when your baby wants to look at the world too. 

Babies r us $5 off $25 coupon:  Clicking on it will open a pdf file.  Just print and use :)

That's all I have today.  Happy Shopping!


laglass said...

My daughter's new baby is 7 weeks old now. These diaper coupons are heaven sent. Thanks so much.

BlueNostalgia said...

Joyce, you really need to become a registered member of the bargain forums I am a forum leader of. Check it out!
(I am mama2gavin) ;)

Joyce said...

Thanks Ashley, I joined :)

kim* said...

Great deals

pxyjk said...

Won't you need those deals within the next couple years? ;)

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