Friday, April 10, 2009

~ Anime: Origin - Spirits of the Past ~

I am not having a good day today, having issues with Asiana airlines and trying to find a flight for my dad to come back from China.  *sigh*  I am very frustrated, but I have decided not to tell the story here.  I am going to try to keep my blog as rant-free as possible.  :)

Ok....main topic:  Origin - Spirits of the Past.  I recently watched this movie on Hulu and I was amazed at the artwork.  Everything is animated very well and the story is good.  Not the most original story ever, but it was good.  It's not very new, released in the US in September 2006.  But, hey, I haven't seen it before so it's new to me :)

Here's the summary from wikipedia:
This is the story of Agito, a young boy living in a dystopian Japan set 300 years in the future. This apocalypse was brought about by extensive genetic engineering on trees, conducted at a research facility on Earth's moon, in order to produce trees capable of growing in harsh, arid conditions. The trees became conscious and spread to Earth in a fiery holocaust, wiping out most of modern civilization and fragmenting the moon. Agito's world is covered mostly by the Forest, a huge expanse of living trees, ruled by the tree-like Druids, which now inhabit the earth and control the water supply of both trees and humans. Agito and his father Agashi, as well as his friends Cain and Minka, live in Neutral City, a city carved out of the ruined skyscrapers of an old metropolis. Neutral City acts as both a buffer and a bridge between the Forest and the militaristic nation of Ragna. While the people of Neutral City co-exist peacefully with the trees of the forest, the nation of Ragna aims to destroy the Forest in order to return the world to the way it was before the mutant trees invaded.

The graphics look pretty CG sometimes.

So...just another well-drawn story about how people are going to destroy their own world and nature is going to take over. The only way to survive is to coexist with nature. Is it me or are there a lot of animes like this? It's a good theme though and I like how it was portrayed in this movie.  Watch it on Hulu!  It's in English and the voices are not bad at all.


kim* said...

i am so in hoola :) i mean hulu . im so watching this one

FlyingButtons said...

They are having the huge Anime convention in Seattle this weekend, near where I live. And...sorry about your Dad!!! Had similar happen this November coming back from Barcelona. I started bawling my head off at the check-in counter after they delayed my flight again and couldn't figure out where to go or how to get home! Hope he arrives safe and sound!


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