Sunday, April 26, 2009

~ Momo and Friends ~

Momo has been hanging out with lots of new friends lately! First, he went to Black Hills National Park and met a bunch of wonderful ladies and a golden retriever named Lucky (as documented here). Then, he met my fiance's nephew recently and had a great time with him. One thing that I was very proud of is that he didn't bite at all. Not when the baby pulled on his fur or slapped him a few times. He didn't even growl.. Good boy :)

Today, I took him to meet someone more massive. Her name is Bear. I don't know what kind of dog she is, but she's easily ten times Momo's size. She is the most gentle thing in the world though. She drooled on Momo a little bit, but ignored him most of the time. He must seem just like a little pest to her. Momo was respectful and she's the only dog he has met but not humped hehe. They will get to know each other more later. Momo will be staying with her while we go to Caicos and Turks Island.

Here she is, walking away from Momo.

This is all part of the effort to socialize Momo with other animals and children. He needs to learn to respect others, specially unintentionally mean children. I think he's doing well! In other news, he pooped on the floor 2 days in a row after being good for a month. *sigh*


Jacky said...

Bear's going to eat momo.

elsiee said...

momo made friends with a Great Pyrenees! Aren't they the hugest, sweetest, goofiest dogs ever?!?

AntiqueAttic said...

Well at least it wasn't on the carpet! Lol...Cute pooch.

Pfeiffer Photos said...


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