Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~Customer Service Lessons~

I went on a shopping spree on Etsy and got some nice supplies, earrings and logo. I also won a blog giveaway and I got all the items in last week. At first, I was just going to post about the items, but I realized that I learned a lot from these sellers.

First, my purchases from Licia of LiciaBeads. These are all custom orders. I love stars and she has these cute and o-so-affordable little star earrings. I meant to order 1 pair to fulfill my yellow star obsession. But she was so nice and showed me all the different colors she can do and I couldn't help myself. I got 2 pairs and ordered some earwires from her too.

The earrings and the boxes and the little envelop with the card and receipt.

These boxes look so cute. Doesn't take much, but it makes everything looks so much better.

The lovely earrings.

Viva la Violette
Next is the prize from Viva la Violette's blog. I was so excited to receive it and she included an extra card that I commented on with the prize.

The whole package is just wonderful. Her business card is very pretty and the cards are just so cute! Everything ties together so well.

This is the extra card that she included for me. Just love it!

I decided I need a logo so I went searching for a graphics artist and found Neil from OceanFrontStudio. He's having a 20% off sale and has the best prices from what I can see. Also, his past work and feedback are really good. So, I went ahead with the purchase and got very prompt responses. He worked with me for about a week and came up with a few revision of the logos and it turned out great! He also included an avatar and banner for free.

I actually liked both versions of the logo, so I purchased both. One you can see as the banner here and this is the other one.

I just had wonderful experiences with these sellers. They were very clear and professional throughout all the convos. The packaging is clean and simple and the products are great!
I used to just put a handwritten note on a small sheet of cute stationery, put it in the white cotton-filled box with the earrings, put a sticker on it and that's it. Now, I am going to add a little extra because that little extra makes a big difference.

I have had ok experiences and not so ok experiences before. So, now I know what's good and what's bad (I won't elaborate on the bad here). Buying has made me a better seller!


Violet said...

Thank you so much for the great write up! I also love your logo.. it is adorable!!

Steph said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking about a new banner, etc so I'm definately going to check out OceanFrontStudio :)

icylotusgirl said...

the logo is cute!

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