Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have wanted to blog for a few years now and finally, I am taking the plunge. One of the main reason is for my etsy shop 'cause it's a good promotional tool. I also hope that I am going to provide some good information and inspirations to others. And lastly (I am conditioned to write this way from my AP english class), this is a little bit of a journal for myself, so I don't forget the lessons I have learned and help me remember all the happy moments in my life.

Here, you will likely be reading about my etsy shop, cool things I find on etsy, my wedding planning, some programming tips, cute pictures of my Havanese baby Momo, environmental stuff, great shopping deals, some recipes and various tutorials for making jewelry, programming and whatever else I can do.

Thanks for reading my first post! There'll be much more to come!

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Light and Writing said...

I think you will enjoy documenting your happy moments and the lovely things you find along the way! Have fun. p.s. your banner/title is very cute!

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