Saturday, February 28, 2009

~Momo's Flaws~

I haven't seriously trained Momo, except for the basic stuff.  He knows a bunch of tricks, he's mostly potty trained, he goes to his crate when he does something bad.  However, he's not as good as I know he can be.  And some of his flaws have been driving us nuts lately.  So, I am going to take some time to correct each one of his behavioral issues.
  1. Pooping on the floor:  I think it's how he tries to get attention or it's revenge for ignoring him.  He hasn't pooped on the floor in front of me since I considered him potty trained.  But now, if I go upstairs for a long time (he's confined to downstairs, no carpet), he starts whining.  I ignore that because I was told I shouldn't encourage undesired behaviors.  Then, he barks a couple of times and quiet.  Good right?  I come down and there's poop on the floor, 2 feet away from his Wizdogs (his bathroom).  I have crated him every single time (up to 8 hours) and he still does this!  And he knows it's bad 'cause he'll be in his crate when I come downstairs.
  2. Barking at me:  That's just not good.  A couple times a day.  He barks when he wants something.  I was told it's something I have to work on with him before I got him.  If he wants water, fine.  But, if there's food and water in the bowl and he wants stuff he's not supposed to have?  Not fine.
  3. Barking at visitors:  He should bark when someone rings the bell.  That's what dogs do.  But, he should not continue barking!
  4. Jumping on visitors:  He gets ultra-excited when there are visitors.  He will not listen to me at all until he gets used to having them around.  So, he won't sit and he'll just jump on them.  
  5. Ignoring me when we are outside:  Once we are outside, he only has eyes for everything else.  He does not listen to me at all.  Even with the door open and he's standing in front of the screen door, he is completely focused on the other side of the door.  He's obedient in the back yard though.
So....I am going to start working on him with these things.  My fiance wants me to take him to training classes, but....I feel like those are more for tricks and stuff.  And I doubt they can help me with the pooping.  That's the most important one at the moment and it's my first goal.  I am going to research and come up with a plan.

Sometimes I just want to give up!!!  But then he looks at me like this....and I am like, "Awww..."

Wish me luck!!  Let me know if you have any tips for me :)


Totally Timmy said...

Take him to training classes. They teach focus. He must come when called could save his life one day. For the jumping I would put a long leash on him and when people come in work on making him sit. Use food or a toy to teach focus. Say"look at me" hold the treat up to yout face for 3 secs..then reward..stretch out the time as he figures it out, then when you want his attention you can use the look at me tool.
As for the pooping I have trouble with that myself. I am trying to keep them on a schedule which really helps. They know when they will eat and when they go out..Mine go outside though, I've never had an in door potty for them. hmmm and he doesn't understand the punishment of crating for a long time. 8 hours is a awful long time. I only crate mine for a small amount of time but I don't pay attention to them for a while. Reward him everytime he goes potty when asked..try to use positive training rather than punishment..seems to work better on the little guys..These are just my opinions but feel free to contact me if you like any of the techniques I use. I use to be an obedience trainer..but housebreaking the liitle ones is still a tough job!
Good luck and he sure is cute!

Raechelle said...

momo's picture is too cute! sorry, no tips on how to train right now.

Violet said...

Tag!! You’re it =P

(see my bloggy)

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