Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Momo Got Shaved~

Ok...So Momo's hair has been matting lately. I spend a lot of time brushing it and balls of hair comes out all the time. And he's been shedding more. So, I thought, maybe this is what is known as "blowing his coat". But, it wasn't really that bad. He has 1 big matt on his belly and 1 on each on his front legs. I brought him to Petco and told them to give him a puppy cut. I asked if they think it's ok because of the matts and they said "yeah he'll be fine". 2 hours later..... I picked him up...he was shaved!!!

Poor baby!!! But, 1 thing is for sure. He's super fast now. He must be feeling free 'cause he was running around non-stop on his own last night! And he's been changing pattern! Here's Momo from baby to now:

A few weeks old...first time I saw momo

First time I met Momo...

About 3 months old...

About 4 months old... I think this is the perfect length for him.

About 7 months old...notice the beautiful star clip he has on :)

Last week at 10 months old... ok he's ultra shaggy!

Yesterday! Hair all gone :(

I miss the puppy days! I can't wait till his hair grows back.

By the way, Momo is a Havanese. Havenese dogs are great! They have ultra-soft hair and they don't shed! They are also hypo-allergenic. As with all small breed dogs, you can train them to potty in doors with pads like Dog Wiz or Ugodog. Such a great breed! For more information, check out Make sure you stop by there if you are even thinking about getting a puppy!


Ripper Arts said...

What a sweet dog! Cutie!

Violet said...

Momo is soooo cute!

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