Monday, March 2, 2009

~Weekend Creations~

My baby is's pretty scary~! He was really sick once and so every time he has a fever...I worry. So, I basically stayed home all weekend for him: made congee and soup, gave him the medicine, and watched TVB series with him. While he was sleeping, I was busy beading though. I filled a few custom orders from friends and made these beauties:

Swarovski Pearls and CZ Earrings
Look how shiny these pearls are! You can see my hand and the camera in the reflections! What should I name these?

Swarovski Crystals Necklace
This is...something different. It's hard for me to make necklaces, so this was my weekend challenge. It's bold and intense. Also, don't know what to name these yet.

Summer Drive to Champaign Bracelet
These colors are inspired by the memory of driving from Chicago to UIUC. For 2 hours, I saw nothing but blue sky and green pastures. It was so relaxing that I often fall asleep at the wheel. Seriously, I would slap myself to stay awake.

Also retook pictures of these bracelets. I love them~! These are the reason I picked up jewelry making again.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome for my creations~! Help me improve :) Also, feel free to suggest names for my creations. Sometimes I just draw a blank when I try to name them.

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