Thursday, March 26, 2009

~ Debut of the Red Magma Crystals ~

I love this new Swarovski crystal color, Red Magma~!  It's like Crystal Copper but bolder.  When I first saw the pictures of it, I thought it's just like another red.  I am a sucker for new things though, so I order some bicones and rondelles.  I am so happy when I saw them on Sunday!!  It feels so much warmer than the other reds like Siam and Light Siam.

I have been dying to do something with them, but I have been swamped with inventory.  I decided to track all the beads I have.  It has been a tough 3 nights and I am still not done.  I will be done tomorrow though and I am going to show you all my beads!  

Sorry for the digression.  So, I couldn't wait anymore.  I was almost done with inventory, but I keep hearing the beads whispering to me.  So, I made this pretty and simple necklace.  

I named it Fiery Night.  I am not sure why "Night".  Maybe it's because I made it at 2am?

Look at that beautiful color!

Also, my mannequin came!  So, I wanted to try her out...what should I name her?

Here she is being a nice girl.
Here she is showing some skin.

I am so excited to make something that I rather blog about it than sleep!  :)  I am going to add this beauty to my shop tomorrow!  Watch for it!


pxyjk said...

The red magma color is really nice. Are you going to name your new mannequin?

Beth said...

Those are beautiful beads.

How about Mannie for the mannequin? Or Emmy. That was Kim Cattral's character in Mannequin.

Klayfriends Collectible Jewelry and Clay Creations said...

i love your work...very pretty items :)

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