Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~GA Tutorial: Basics to Advanced~

If you haven't set up a GA (Google Analytics) account for you Etsy shop, you should. It's another Etsy-related obsession of mine and it is very interesting.

For basic setup instructions, check out this article on the ACE blog: Google Analytics and Etsy, a picture book story. After you set this up, you can to see how many people visited, when, from where, what they looked at and what links they clicked on or searched on google to get to your shop.

Great, but I think a very important question is, what did Etsians search to get to your shop? You have to setup GA to do that. Here's the storque article about it: Etsy Web Analytics Enhancement.

Awesome!  Now...another common question is:  "Was I on the Front Page?"  More setting up to do, but it's not hard.  Good instructions can be found on Blog Handmade:  Using GA Goals as front page alerts.

Now, you get 4 goals in GA, so let's not be wasteful.  You can apply the same concept discussed on Blog Handmade and find out whether your shop visits came from someone looking through the categories or pounce or if they looked around your shop through clicking on pictures in "Seller's other items" widget on the listings page.

Here are the goal URLs you can use:
  • Seller's Other Items:
  • Pounce:
  • Click on a picture while browsing a category:
  • Click on link while browsing a category:
  • Recently Listed Items:
*edit*  I saw this list on the Etsy forum.  It's more complete.

Here's what my screen looked up after I setup a few that I wanted:

I relisted a pair of earrings today and I got 3 views from people clicking on a picture in the category!  Yay!

Oooo yeah, this is what I renewed...yes it's a shameless plug :)

Hope this is helpful for you!

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