Friday, March 13, 2009

~Addicted to Popcap Games~

Some of you may have noticed that I have been less active on Etsy these past couple of days.  You may want to congratulate me for effectively controlling my addiction to Etsy.  

I have a confession.  I have simply replaced my addiction to Etsy with ...... another addiction.  

Have you ever played Bejeweled?  I used to have this on my palm pilot.  Thanks to this game, my 45min train rides to GWU seemed like a blur of brightly colored jewel frenzy.  And yes, my palm pilot screen has grid lines on it from playing this game.  

Ever since I got the mac and I quit using my palm pilot, I haven't played this game.  But, recently, I found this on Facebook.  It's cool!  You and your friends form and team and they have contests.  The prizes you are eligible to win depends on your team score, which is total of your friends high scores + double of yours.  And I have a little friendly competition going on with my oppa.  

Bejeweled is created by Popcap games.  I love Popcap games!  They look nice and it's so very addicting!  My last computer was full of them.  Here are my favorites.  They are not the newest, but still so fun!

Typer Shark  You better type fast before the piranahs and the sharks eat you!

Rocket Mania  My all-time favorite game!  You have to switch the tiles around so that the ropes connect the matches to the rockets.  I may have gotten less than perfect grades because of this game in college.

Heavy Weapon  Fun shooter.  Even my fiance loves this game.

Peggle This is one of the newest games.  Not as good as the older ones, but still fun.  And they are running a special for March.  It's 75% off and only $5!

Popcap have lots of games that you can play on their site.  Also, you can download trials.  Take a look if you need a break from Etsy or your current addiction :)


mamacateyes said...

Pop Cap is the devil. the devil's cousin or counterpart is Playfirst games too...aVoid them like the plague. They stole many many many many hours of my life which I can't get back.

Nemesis_Productions said...

Hi. My name is Lori and I am a Bejeweled-aholic.

Martha said...

Oh god! I totally feel your pain. I used to be addicted to Jewel bad my boyfriend actually bought me the game...which was NOT a good idea!

Violet said...

OMG!!! First of all, I should tell you that I was a video game designer for the past 3 years for a casual game company. Please check out Enchanted Gardens, I was a lead artist for that game! It is a puzzle game similar to the ones you have been playing. You can try it from

Secondly, I LOVE PEGGLE! It is my absolute favorite casual game...

It's nice to meet another girl gamer/ Etsyer! Happy gaming!!!

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