Sunday, March 22, 2009

~ A Moment of Fear ~

I had a good time today!  My friend came to visit from Chicago and we had a great day, hanging out, reminiscing and such.  Time flew by and it was like 1:00 am when we parted in the heart of DC.  

To get back home, I had to drive up George Washington Parkway.  During the day, it's beautiful!! was 1am.  There were no lights.  There were no cars.  I was utterly alone for a few miles, surrounded by trees and darkness.  

I tried to be brave and not think about all those scary books and movies that I love so much.  All those scenes of people/bad things jumping out of the woods or appearing in the rearview mirror.  I made it though.  Got home without incident, played with Momo for a lil bit and decided to take a shower.

So....I just got in the shower, enjoying the steaminess.  All of a sudden, I heard scratching at the door.  And in that one moment, all the scary shower scenes in books and movies came rushing into my head.  It's 2am.  I am alone, in the shower, with scratching sounds at the door.  I just drove through some dark, lonely woods.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What if a blue hand reaches out to touch me (Grudge) ?!?!?  What if someone is now on the other side of the shower curtains?!?!

Then, I heard.....

Momo whining.

It was Momo.

You may wonder why I didn't think of that, why I got all worked up over nothing.  Well, Momo is enclosed on the first floor by 2 gates.  He's not trusted to be on carpet unsupervised yet.  But, somehow he got out!!  I haven't figured out how he did it yet, but hopefully I do.  Otherwise, he'll have to be crated tonight.

Sometimes, he's just too smart for his own good!


jchau said...

Is that your hand or your feet??? That's scary yo!

Andrea said...

Oh my god, he's co cute! What kind of dog is he?

Joyce said...

Thanks Andrea :) He's a Havanese.

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