Friday, March 27, 2009

~ My Beads Obsession ~

In celebration of my tax refund, I went on a supplies acquisition rampage!  I got a huge order of Swarovskis and sterling silver findings.  I have never ordered this much Swarovskis before and was surprised when it came in these cool Swarovski boxes:

So neatly packed!

Here's some of what I got, just looking at them got me all excited!

I got a bunch of pearls....looking into doing some bridal pieces :)

So, when I was ordering all this stuff, I realize that I really need to do inventory because I don't know what I have!  When I order, sometimes I order stuff that I already have and neglect to order some because I thought I have some.  It took 4 nights to do inventory of just my Swarovskis!  I don't think I am going to do the sterling silver stuff for a while.  Doing inventory sucks.

But, it's worth it.  It's all nicely stored in my Snap 'n' Stack boxes.  I love these boxes but they are a little expensive.  Like $8 for a stack of 3 at Target, I think.  But, they do go on sales after holidays like Halloween and Christmas 'cause they have the "holiday colors".  Just FYI :)

Got one stack of Swarovskis on the left and a stack of tools and other beads on the right.  This is my working space.  My dining table :)

Yay~!  I am finally done~!  I just need to write an application to help me track this stuff and to provide forms so I can input what I used for a creation and it'll automatically calculate the price and update my inventory for me.  That's my goal for April!  After I am done, I am certainly going to share with you all :)

Happy Friday~!


Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

How fun! Lucky you, I would love to go on a supply binge!!! Maybe once spring hits and my guy has more work ;)

Gwen Paja said...

wow that's a really organized way to keep your stuff. i hate inventory as well!


Linda said...

Beautiful pearls, I'm jealous. I don't like inventory either.

I keep mine in an excel spreadsheet along with pricing infor. Can't wait to see yours.

Kerley's Kreations said...

I too am going on a supply binge in the next 2 days hopefully just waiting then its buy buy buy.. I can't wait.. my investment or obsession is ribbon and paper :)

icylotusgirl said...

Love how neat you organize them! your obsession will get u buy more...hehe... said...

out visiting ...
great blog & jewels..
mona & the girls

Christine said...

Mmm, beads! Those crystals are sooo sparkly :)

And omg you're so organized. I hate you. You should see my "studio". It's a train wreck. Haha

♥ xtine

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