Thursday, March 12, 2009

~Happy Cloud's Love Story~

Warning:  Extreme sappiness and amateur writing...

Once upon a time, a girl was born in the tribe of Fragrant Harbour.  She was named Happy Cloud, for her smile can melt even the coldest hearts.  She was an ordinary girl, destined to live an ordinary life as a worker bee in her tribe.  But, her fairy god mother saw more in her and wanted to give her a chance to be something spectacular.  

One cold, winter night, fairy godmother took the girl and flew to a land far, far away.  There, in the Windy City, Happy Cloud grew up to be a girl who's strange but special, 

A most peculiar mad'moiselle
It's a pity and a sin
She doesn't quite fit in
'Cause she really is a funny girl

A beauty but a funny girl............


Happy Cloud had a simple dream:  to get away from the land of ice and snow and move west to warmth and sunshine in the City of Angels.  And, find a prince charming, of course.  A prince who is tall, and wise, and speaks the language of her tribe.  Sounds so simple, but such a prince was nowhere in sight.

Happy Cloud trained very hard at the School of Champaign, to become a master of enchanted boxes.  But, she could not find a job at the City of Angels.  One day, she passed by the market and kind gentleman offered her a fortune cookie.  She took it and chitchatted with the him through the evening.  He said to her, "My elders are looking for a girl with your skills.  If you are willing to move east to Columbia's District, my elders will treat you well."

Happy Cloud didn't want to go.  Columbia's District is only slightly warmer than the Windy City, and even further away from the City of Angels.  But, she found out that she must go.  Her fairy godmother didn't have enough powers left to support her anymore.

Her fairy godmother put all her belongings in her pumpkin carriage and took her to the east.  Happy Cloud was far from her dream, but she figured she will be strong and find a way to reach her dream soon.  "Forget a prince charming!  There are plenty of those in the City of Angels, just wait!"

Fairy godmother needed her pumpkin carriage back.  So together, they headed to the market to get Happy Cloud a brand new carriage.  Along the way, they passed by a shop with a bright yellow, shiny carriage.  Now, Happy Cloud has been obssessed with the color yellow even as a baby.  She must have that carriage.

A tall, handsome boy waved to them from the shop and they went to see the carriage.  To her disappointment, the yellow carriage was out of her budget and the boy would not lower the price.  She was so disappointed, that she barely noticed that this boy, the very first boy she met in this new town, was tall, and wise, and spoke the language of her tribe.  She left empty handed that day.

The boy, whose name is Wise Walker, was upset that Happy Cloud didn't buy the carriage.  He already gave her the best price that he could.  But, her smile made up for it.  He called on her the next day to offer her assistance since she's new in town.  For many months, he helped her with her new cottage and showed her around town.  She visited his shop often with homemade food from her tribe.  They started to spend more and more time together.

Happy Cloud had a dilemma.  Should she give up her dream of moving to the City of Angels and stay in Columbia's District with Wise Walker?  Is he really her prince charming?

On the night of her first birthday in this new town, Wise Walker planned a big fiesta with all her new friends.  It was a wonderful party.  At the end of the night, when it was time for Wise Walker to go home, he looked into Happy Cloud's eyes and gave her a soft kiss, the most memorable kiss in her life.

One kiss changed everything.  On March 12, 2004, as spring creeps into town, Wise Walker professed his love to Happy Cloud.  Miles away from her home tribe, miles away from her dream city, Happy Cloud found her prince charming and they lived happily ever after.

~The End~

Thanks for reading this far :)  Today is our 4-year anniversary.  I thought I can be just a little bit corny and sappy.  


Ashley Pahl Design Studio said...

Very nice story :) Congrats on your anniversary!

I just had to comment because I was just singing that song to my daughter this morning... although with my voice she probably thought it was punishment... :)

Grandma62 said...

Congrats on your anniversary!!!

I love your story so much

Beth said...

I love how you wrote your story--it was such a pleasure to read. I'm still grinning like a fool!

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