Monday, March 16, 2009

~Final Fantasy Memories~

During my first couple years of high school, I was just a typical quiet girly girl.  I liked pretty, sparkly things, dabbled in jewelry making, drawing and painting, read VC Andrew novels and other books, and studied hard.  I am not exactly sure how this happened, but I became a geek.

I started building web pages.  I started watching anime.  And the geekiest thing of all...I started playing role playing games.  Thanks to my little brother.  The memories!  We used to take turn playing Xenogears and Legend of Legaia.  I played while he slept and vice versa.

I was so obsessed with Xenogears that I had wallpapers on my computer and I was drawing the characters like this one.

The obsession just escalated when I started playing Final Fantasy VIII.  Unfortunately, I never played Final Fantasy VII and most fans consider that the best one.  But, I love FFVIII then and now.  Squall is so hot~!  :)  And of course, I can totally see myself wearing Rinoa's yellow dress.  I watched the ending on youtube yesterday and felt everything all over again- all the pain and joy and triumph.

I played Final Fantasy IX, but wasn't as happy with it.  Then, Final Fantasy X arrived.  Another awesome game.  Tidus is not really my type and I wasn't very thrilled with Yuna's outfit.  But, they were sweet and romantic too.  

Now, Lulu's outfit is nice.  She actually inspired me to make a bracelet which will debut here in a few weeks.

She's so hot!

FFX is so good that they came out with FF X-2.  But, I think it's for girls.  The main characters are girls and they change outfits to get more power.  It's fun for me though :)  Look at these outfits~!  Hot stuff!

Of course, there's romance.

I was obsessed with Final Fantasy XII for a long time too.  Though, this time, I am not as thrilled with the character designs or the story.  It's just a very, very good game.

I can't wait till Final Fantasy XIII come out!!!  I may have to buy a Playstation 3 just for this game.  

I guess I am still a girly girl.  The RPGs that I like have great love stories.  That's why I am not crazy about FF IX and FF XII.  

And I just love the graphics.  Every time I play, I wish I can create graphics like that!  I have tried and realized it's way beyond my capabilities.  I have so much respect for 3D artists.  I have gotten over my Bejeweled obsession already.  Maybe I should go and finish FF XII :)


Shimmermeblue said...

I played some of the Final Fantasy Games too. If you like those, you should try World of Warcraft. Greatest game ever :)

Jacky said...

Noob. FF XIII is coming to Xbox360.

Happy Cloud Moments said...

dang it i just want to pretend it's exclusive to ps3 so i can use that as an excuse to buy one :P

Anonymous said...

hey little cloud, let's cosplay with me this year!! wear ur final fantasy costume! or xenogears!

Jessi said...

Don't worry, I'm a geek too! I used to be completely obsessed with Rikku from FFX and X-2. And I agree, Lulu's outfit is sexy, hahaha.

Have you played Xenosaga? If you haven't I highly recommend it! Great characters, amazing storyline, and lots of romance ;)

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