Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~ACE Spring Chick Challenge Entry~

The Awesome Chicks of Etsy (ACE) is hosting the Spring Chick Challenge!  Anyone can enter and winners are going to be selected randomly, no judging.  As a part of ACE, of course I have to rise to the challenge!

Here's my entry:  Sakura Mist Bracelet

This beauty is composed of Swarovski pearls and crystals, wirewrapped to sterling silver chain.  Does it remind you of cherry blossom trees in the spring?

I also had another challenge this weekend:  Necklaces.

Designing necklaces is hard for me.  I am unsure of the chains I have and the length I need.  I have to put it on and take it off to see how it looks and the process just takes longer than designing earrings and bracelets.  

But, this weekend, I would like to consider myself successful.  

The cool thing about this necklace is that I used color changing crystals.  They are purple in some light and corn flower blue in others.  Love  them~!  I was on a roll!  So, I made matching earrings too!

Here's the other necklace.  Rondelles are so sparkly!  Golded Shadow, Crystal Copper and Silvershade, the winner's circle!

This one is a custom order for a fellow Etsian.  She liked my Star Obsessions bracelet and wanted a necklace just like it.

I ordered mannequins that will help me with the design process and taking pictures.  I can't wait till they arrive!  Though, I have a small fear of mannequins.  Something about severed, plastic body parts lying around feel funny to me.


Beth said...

Love that bracelet! I also like the last necklace with the brown stones--I love the color brown.

I also like your blog layout *grin*!

Elements Magazine said...

beautiful work =)

~*Neuromancer*~ said...

I love my stars!!!

I can't wait, I can't wait!

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