Monday, March 9, 2009

~Sweet and Tangy Shrimp~

This is absolutely my favorite dish.  And it's so super easy to make!  There's just something about tomato and garlic together that's soooooo good.  

  • Raw Shrimp:  This recipe is originally made with head-on shrimp.  The shell and the head actually adds some richness to the flavor of the dish.  But it's a little bit messier to eat and I know most people don't like to deal with peeling the shrimp.  So, if you are feeling lazy, you can use peeled shrimps.  I made 24 medium size shrimps.
  • Garlic: lots and lots.  I used about half of a garlic.  That's like....8-10 gloves.  
  • Ketchup:  3 good squirts from the bottle
  • Sugar:  2 teaspoon
Step 0:  Devein the shrimps (optional)
My dad usually does this for me.  He buys big bags of shrimp, devein them, put them into little ziplock bags in the right proportions and stick them into the freezer for me.  He's wonderful like that.  It's cheaper and it makes cooking a lot quicker.  Anyway, here's how to devein a shrimp as taken from an e-how article:
If heads are still on shrimp, break them off, pinching between thumb and lower section of your index finger. Discard. You may chop them off if you feel more comfortable that way.
Take steak knife, and cut right through shell on the back side of shrimp about a half inch deep all the way to the tail. Using tip of knife, get under the vein and hold shrimp under running water. You may have to give the vein a tug to pull out.
Take ahold of the shrimp's legs, and shell should come off in one small tug. Discard. Rinse shrimp and you're done! Who knew cleaning and deveining shrimp could be so easy?

Step 0:  Chop the garlic
You know how to do that right?  

Step 2:  Cook the shrimp
Heat up the pan on high.  When it is hot, put about a tablespoon of oil in the pan.  Throw the shrimp in the pan.  After about a minute, you should see the tail turning a little bit orange.  Turn one over.  It should look golden.  If so, turn the rest of them over and turn down the heat to medium.

Tail looking a lit bit orange:

Golden!  Yum....

Step 3:  Throw in the garlic
Throw in the garlic and stir around.  If you feel like the pan is too dry, add a little bit of oil to help cook the garlic.  When you see some of the pieces turn golden, you are ready for the next step.

Step 4:  Squirt in the ketchup and sugar
If this is your first time cooking it, mix ketchup, sugar and a little bit of water in a bowl before you start cooking.  Put in the mixture at this time.  If you are lazy, you can add the water into the pan, squirt in the ketchup and top that with the sugar.  Mix well.

Step 5:  Taste and garnish
Take a little bit of the sauce and taste it.  Too sweet?  Add some ketchup.  Too sour?  Add some sugar.  If it tastes good to you, it's done.  Turn off the stove and put it on a pretty plate.  You may add some green onions on top to pretty it up.

This takes about 15-20 minutes.  Some people like to put sliced onions in this dish too.  And if you like some kick, put in some cayenne pepper.  

Oooo I am hungry now~!  Dang it, I wish I didn't eat all of it last night so I can have some now.

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fishprincessdesigns said...

This sounds so yummy-and so easy to make! Can't wait to try this.

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