Saturday, March 14, 2009

~Sweet Peanut Butter Sandwich~

I am sitting here, almost midnight, feeling hungry.  So, I made one of my favorite snacks:  peanut butter and condensed milk sandwich.

No, I didn't take that picture.  Sorry, mine didn't turn out as pretty :)

It's soooooooooooooooooo good.  A lot of my friends who are not from Hong Kong think this is a weird sandwich.  Is it really that weird?  Just try it, it's so good~!

Step 1  Put peanut butter on 1 piece of bread
Put as much as you want.  I like alot alot :)

Step 2  Drizzle condensed milk on another piece of bread
Ok, I really pour condensed milk on it because I love condensed milk.  Put it on the same piece of bread if you like.

Step 3  Heat it up in the microwave
10 to 15 seconds should be sufficient.  You may want to eat this with a fork so your hands don't get all sticky for that gooey sweetness.

Optionally, you can toast the bread and then put on the pb and cm :)  I think butter and condensed milk go well together too.  Try it with butter if you like it more than peanut butter.  Yum!!


Elements Magazine said...

hmmm yummy! I love condense milk =) ty for the comments on my blog too!

smilemonsters said...

I have never heard of this. I do pb and syrup every now and then. I may have to try this some day. :)


Diamondaj said...

That sounds awesome. I would never have thought of that. Next time I decide to reward myself for losing weight by getting off my diet, I am going to try

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