Friday, February 11, 2011

~ Yo Cake = Yogurt + Cupcake ~

What is Yo Cake? It's yummy yogurt on top of a cupcake!  This awesome creation can be found in Montgomery Mall in Bethesday in the food court.  For the yogurt, they have regular flavor and acai berry.  I like the acai berry one.  Basically, you choose a cupcake and they put yogurt on it.  I love it because I like creamy food.  The cupcake sweetens the tart yogurt and the yogurt makes the cupcake even more moist!

Of course,you can just get plain cupcakes or plain yogurt.  They have the regular garden variety like chocolate and vanilla.

Personally, I have seen cuter cupcakes.  I don't like the little flowers on top of these.  They look..... a little bit tacky.  They still taste good.

I got this picture from their website.  This is Raspberry Lemonade.  The flower is so much cuter!  They need to use these on all their cupcakes!

Anyway, I like their Lemon (front row left), Strawberry(second row right) and the amaretto chocolate ganache (in the back with the almonds).   But, for health reasons, I am trying to stay away from these cupcakes.  From now on, I will only admire them from when I am waiting for my yogurt.  I like the yogurt with some mochi and strawberries.  Yum!

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