Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ New Jewelry for St Patrick's Day at Happy Cloud Moments~

Good bye Valentine's Day.... Hello St Patrick's Day!  While it's still about 3 weeks away, I already worked on some festive jewelry for Happy Cloud Moments.  These pieces all feature one of the newer Swarovski crystal shapes:  clover. 

A simple necklace like this one would be great to show a little spirit at the office.

Maybe you want something a little fancier.  How about two clovers?  They are so cute together!

I made some earrings too!  3 color combinations... this is Shamrock Love...the Midnight Edition.  These are for your St Patty parties at night.

This is Shamrock Love... the Morning Edition.  These are perfect for the parades!

These are Shamrock Love... the Dusk Edition.  Gold clovers and Pink hearts for watching the sunset... with a few beers.

I made a two dainty little bracelets.  The little clovers are embedded in my favorite little sterling silver heart chain.  This is the pure green version.

This is the pot of gold version.  Very simple and perfect for every day wear.

Clovers come in the following colors.  Let me know if you want to customize any of these pieces. 


InsideOut Elle said...

These are gorgeous! The midnight edition appeals to me the most (crystal silver night ftw xD). But the other two are beautiful too, the Dusk Edition is a nice change from the typical greens~

Joyce said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Love these!! I'm Irish ^.^

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