Monday, February 28, 2011

~ Cabin Fever Sale at ~

Spring time means shopping for new dresses! I think I am outgrown Forever 21 because I only bought a few things there last year. I guess that's what happens when most of my twenties are behind me. So, I was on the look out for a new store to obsessed about and I happened to see a pretty yellow dress in a Facebook ad. It's for

The dress I saw was pretty expensive.  And I was just about to give up when I saw their banner about a sale!  Sale?  Of course, I just have to look!  And.... that led to a $300+ shopping cart.

At the end I chose the following items...  First up, a bright yellow jacket!  This is so cute with the white trim! and the scallop flap for the pockets!  It's called the Yellow-So-Cute-Coat and only $24! 

This is the Serpentine Way Dress.  Very sophisticated and it's $45.  It's good for work right?  I got a medium... I hope it fits my gigantic ... bottom.

Now, this "Vision of Blue Dress" is very pretty.  The deep V is a little too low for me, but nothing a nice cami can't fix.   And I usually don't wear mute blues, but I just love the style too much to let this one go.  And it was the last one, which makes me think that I have to buy it now.  It may not be there later!  Only $27 :)

I usually wouldn't wear a dress like this.  I feel like that kind of neck line is very conservative and mature.  But the print is so cute!  They are all little bows!  Only $21, so it's worth a try!  It's called "Just This Once".

This "Crosswalk Catwalk Jacket" is for my mom.  See?  I wasn't just shopping for myself.  She loves her and this style of jacket.  I am pretty sure she'll like it.  Only $34.

This "Cloud Coverage Dress" is nothing spectacular.  But it was only $17 and I think it'll be cute with a little cardigan or shrug.

This is the only dress that wasn't on sale that I got.  It's called "Poppy Go Lightly Dress"  I love poppy prints!  The sleeves are interesting and I hope I can pull it off.  It was the last one so I just had to get it!  I hate how they tell you how many is left is stock!

Overall, I had an awesome time shopping at  They have some really cute shoes and accessories too!  Though, some of the "apartment" items and accessories, I recognize from my trips to the wholesale malls in China and I see their big markup.  Their site is great though.  Great shopping experience!  Everything loaded quickly.  Very clean and intuitive interface.  I wish more stores are like that, namely Victoria's Secret's site.  I hate shopping on their site.  Anyway, I will post about these dresses again after I get them.  I hope I get them soon!

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InsideOut Elle said...

I was so sad to see that the crosswalk jacket was OOS :(! It caught my eye right away when I saw ur post *sigh* So was Vision of Blue ;_; I love everything you got from ModCloth ^_^!

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