Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ Awesome Food at 8407 in Silver Spring ~

I usually don't eat around Silver Spring, but I went to 8407 for a couple of friends' birthdays.  I had no expectations and it surprised me!

Just the bread is awesome!  I think it's cranberries.....

This was the calamari.   Nothing spectacular but good. 

I had the Lemon and Lavender Chicken.  So very tender!  It's comparable to the chicken at Le Ferme!

I did taste the lavender, but it's not overwhelming at all.  Sometimes, they put too much and it just tastes like perfume.  There's some kind of veggie underneath the chicken and very creamy mashed potatoes.  Love it!

This was the special... filet mignon... 6oz.  The white thing is a potato thingy with blue cheese.  All very good! 

This is the scallop.  Only 3 pieces in the plate.  It's small, but it's ok.  There's always the awesome bread.

This was the seafood.... something :)  Also delicious and it has a great variety of seafood.

And yes, this is what happens when things are yummy!

I also like the decor.  Love the lighting because it's bright and cozy at the same time.   Food took a little long to come out though.  Maybe I was just really hungry so it seemed like a long time.  Can't wait to go back again!!

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