Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ Zoya Rea and Crystal Fairy Tale ~

Just got back from vacay yesterday and I already feel like I need another one! So, a simple post before the onslaught of food posts from the vacation :)  Here is Zoya Rea.  From Zoya's website, Rea is "A silvery, taupe-kissed mauve-purple in a metallic foil shimmer finish. An edgy purple steel shade that's unexpectedly gorgeous."  To me, it looks like Swarovski crystal's Amethyst color.  It's very wearable and great for a little color in the office.  It's more muted than I imagined though.  Very opague and 2 coats is perfect.

I put these spongy flower stickers on and they look cute!  But they didn't last very long.  After 3 days, some petals on my right hand started to peel off.  They are thick too and feels funny sometimes.  

As an added bonus, here's what my nails looked like for vacation!  I took this after I came back so it's been a week!  No chips and just slightly worn at the edges.  This is 2 coats of Zoya Crystal, 1 coat of Deborah Lippman Today Was a Fairy Tale and 1 coat of Seche Vite.  I call this Crystal Fairy Tale :D

Yes, Zoya Crystal is glittery but who doesn't want more glitter!  I am just obsessed with Deborah Lippman polish right now and that's not good!  $20 a bottle is crazy but they are so pretty!

Going to try to do something green tonight for St Patty's Day tomorrow.  I may get too lazy though because my Crystal Fairy Tale nails are still looking pretty good.  But Ivanka is calling my name!


Linda B said...

I don't have the patience to do my fingernails anymore, the upkeep is a lot.

And my toes need to be done soon.

Your nails look great. Love the glitter.

Joyce said...

i only do my nails when i m watching a movie or tv so i can feel kinda productive :)

InsideOut Elle said...

I hope you had a good vacation :D Rea is pretty color, I like the puffy flowers on it!

I think I'm late jumping on the DL bandwagon but yeah, her polishes look so gorgeous. Today Was a Fairy Tale reminds me of OPI Flurry UP a bit. DL are mad pricey though... eheh I am living vicariously through your pictures :)

InsideOut Elle said...
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